Why we started NoCodeZ ?

Every business requires technology solutions to grow and win in the marketplace. Dependency on expensive consultants or scarce IT resources makes winning difficult. Your business cannot use your workforce to build technology solutions. Why? Because technology tools are built for developers and not your workforce. In addition, current solutions fail to accelerate the ability of developers to deliver solutions to the enterprise. Developers continue to leverage GitHub/Stack Overflow and spend a lot of time repurposing code.

We built NoCodeZ to empower the entire workforce to build technology solutions - quickly and easily, while meeting stringent IT requirements.

Our mission statement:

NoCodeZ helps your business create scalable technology solutions using your current resources and workforce. We believe NoCodeZ helps you re-skill, up-skill your employees and improve enterprise productivity.

NoCodeZ is built on the following principles :

  • To democratize : be intuitive (simple and easy) and work in natural language.
  • To be complete within: every component should be agile with real time sync.
  • To expand outside: work well in the ecosystem of third-party tools and software.
  • To show results faster : build components using automation with cross-app learning.
  • To create real value: be robust and capable of solving complex problems.

Why now?

The NoCodeZ platform was not possible in 2015.

Today we have a modern tech stack – with Javascript everywhere philosophy and Mongo document NoSQL database - aka MEVN stack (Mongo, Express, Vue, Node) –this provided our engine with speed, flexibility and robustness. Technology maturity and improved accuracy in natural language processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence is also recent. Smart selection of right technologies (& algorithms) with pro-active use of automation are the hallmark of NoCodeZ.

Founding members

We (Raghu, Srinivas and Sridhar) studied at IIT-Bombay in early 1990s - during the dawn of the internet. After college, we took different paths. We reconnected to solve a nagging problem with IT: the high cost of software development. We wanted to take a different approach - wherein domain experts create technology solutions by themselves. This required a fresh perspective on how software is built.

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