Build Apps in No Time

Write a story, answer questions. No Coding.

NoCodeZ delivers 2X faster and easier

We automagically generate deployment ready components. You relax and enjoy using the apps you built.

Web and native mobile apps

Ready to use web app. Apple App Store and Android Play Store apps ready to deploy.

Cloud infrastructure

Complete cloud infrastructure with auto-scalable database and backend servers is created for each app.

App management portal

User access, data access controls and user analytics can be monitored on an App management dashboard.

App Builder features

Bring your creativity and solution ideas and use the simplest no code builder. We hide all the complexity from you and show you only the necessary.

Role based app design

Each role has its own version of the app.

Select pre-built widgets and actions

Customize combining widgets & actions.

System triggers

on schedule or rules for specific actions.

Bring your data (in Excel or CSV)

Quickly build with existing data sets, or build with us from scratch.

Connect with external APIs

Both JSON and XML are supported.

Deploy with cloud infrastructure

Default auto-scalable cloud infrastructure created for each app.

Our customers love NoCodeZ

Industry: Banking/Financial Services

Use Case: Paper to digital - end to end

"All the credit evaluation systems we considered worked for traditional industry. Our company was transforming and we needed a system that adapted to our way of business. We used NoCodeZ assisted service to build it for us."

- Director, Co-op Bank

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